Screwcap Artwork Guidelines

A guide for the supply of Screwcap closure artwork to Esvin Wine Resources

Base Coat – most caps are applied with an initial base coat before a decoration is applied.
A metallic finish is created by a coating with suspended particles.  For a pearlescent finish, a transparent tinted varnish is applied over a light metallic gold or silver base.

Side Decoration – it is possible to have up to four colours printed over the base colour (around the skirt of the closure).  While the most common choice of decorated area is the lower 33.5mm of the cap skirt, the entire skirt print height of 59mm can be decorated.

Top Decoration – the maximum diameter of the top decoration is Ø 23mm.  It is possible to have up to four colours over the base colour – CMYK process colours can be used.  The base coat is usually white, gold or silver.
We do not recommend that top artwork has an outer concentric circle as part of the printed design.  Unexpected forming or printing variations (as slight as 0.5mm from centre) within standard tolerances, will show designs as being slightly off centre.

Finishes Available – opague gloss, semi-gloss, satin, metallic powder, metallic gloss, gloss tint varnish.
Note: Finishes may alter the tone of the original PMS or swatch colour.  Inks applied on Aluminium substrate will behave and look different to ink colours on paper.
As screwcaps are three dimensional and curved, colours become visually metameric.  With new designs, we recommend matching labels to caps.

Colour Matching – any colour can be closely matched.  If the closure is to match a specific item, eg a wine label, please supply a colour swatch from that item to ensure a good colour match.  Colour swatch must be a least 3cm2.

Production Lead Time – any new orders that include top decorations or specific (non-stock) colours, require 6-8 weeks production lead time from final art approval.  Preparation for new artwork is approximately 2 to 4 weeks.  Repeat orders (no design changes) can be produced within 5-6 weeks, depending on seasonal demand and production capacity.

Supplying Artwork
Artwork must be supplied in both EPS (Adobe Illustrator) and PDF formats.
Please email all artwork directly to Esvin:

Please ensure that supplied artwork includes:
• Cap top art @ 100% to scale.  Please indicate keylines.
• Cap skirt art @ 100% to scale (as indicated).
• Closure size: Diameter = Ø 30mm length = 60mm
• Detailed description of decorations and positioning (design)
• Colour reference (PMS) or colour swatches (at least 3cm2)

Please note:
The minimum line thickness for top art is 0.3mm
The minimum line thickness for skirt art is 0.4mm

Please contact us if you would like samples or to discuss any design concepts and orders +64 9 2924 960