PVC Capsules
PVC capsules are 30.5x60mm,Ai??soldAi??per 1,000 and packaged in cartons of 10,000

Matt Black
Matt Dark Green
Battleship Grey
Opaque Burgundy Red
Metallic Gold Antico
Metallic Blue
Metallic Green
Metallic Gunmetal Grey
Metallic Dark Orange
Metallic Medium Orange
Metallic Dark Burgundy

Also available
PVC overcaps 30.5x63mm inAi??matt or satin black, sold per 1,000 and packagedAi??in cartons of 10,000
PVC overcaps 35x60mm in matt black, sold per 1,000 andAi??packaged in cartons of 6,500

Aluminium Capsules
Capgard capsules are 29.5mmx55mm, soldAi??per 1,000 and packaged in cartons of 6,500

Colours available:
Metallic Dark Green
Metallic Gold


Please contact usAi??for pricing and/orAi??samples on 09 2924 960