Begerow Depth Filter Sheets

Becopad is Begerow’s range of 100% cellulose depth filter sheets

The specific advantages of Becopad filter sheets are:
ai???Ai??Minimum 20% greater throughput compared to the original wine filter range (actual test resultsAi??range between 20% and 38%)
ai???Ai??50% less water required for rinsing
ai???Ai??Ability to filter white wine after red wine
ai???Ai??100% biodegradable
ai???Ai??Wet strength up to 5 times higher than the original wine filter sheets
ai???Ai??Drip loss reduced by 99%

Becopad Filter Sheets – 40x40cm – 100 sheets per carton

Becopad 550
Coarse filtration
-Ai??Particle retention
– Yeast reduction

Becopad 450
Clarification filtration
-Ai??Removal of yeasts in applications with low cell count

Becopad 350
Fine filtration
-Ai??Removal of yeasts and reduction of bacteria

Becopad 270
Fine filtration
-Ai??Germ-reducing filtration with low initial burden

Becopad 220
-Ai??Sterile filtration with average initial burden

Becopad 170
-Ai??For filling or storing with high initial burden

Becopad 120
-Ai??For separating bacteria for heavily used or delicate products

-Ai??Ideally used as membrane protection when products with difficult or unknown filterability

We also have limited stocks of 60x60cm filters sheets.
Please contact us for further information on +64 9 2924 960