Esvin imports high quality cork from M.A. Silva; whose innovation in process and product makes them a leading cork producer.  A new option available from MA Silva is their one by one process.  This is a new option using gas phase spectroscopy to inspect each cork to guarantee that TCA levels are below the detection threshold.

Esvin corks are subject to very strict quality control checks, in line with ISO 9001 certification.

Esvin supplies a selection of corks in various grades and sizes.
The minimum quantity for plain cork is 1,000, and minimum for personalised cork is 3,000.

Contact us for more information on personalised corks, including the tooling and set up costs, and lead-time.

Natural Corks We have four grades of cork available, ranging from high end corks for premium wines through to value priced corks for large volumes.
• Esvin natural corks come in a range of sizes.  Please contact us for more information.

Twin Top® Corks Made from agglomerated cork granules that form the cork shank, with natural cork discs glued to each end.
• Twin Top® corks are 44x24mm.

Champagne Corks Made from agglomerated cork granule bodies to which two natural corks discs are laminated and glued to one end.  This type of champagne cork gives the best long term performance results.
• Esvin champagne corks are 30.5x48mm.

Stopper Corks Stopper corks or Bartops are composed of natural cork body chamfered at the insertion end, with a wood or plastic top glued to the end.
• Esvin stocks black plastic bartops in 18.5mm and 20mm, and dark wooden bartops in 23mm.

Large Corks Esvin supplies corks for 3Lt, 6Lt, 9Lt and 12Lt bottles.

Please contact us for cork pricing on +64 9 2924 960