MLF Bacteria



BL 01Ai?? – is the most tolerant MLF in the Martin Vialate range to low pH (2.9) and Total SO2 (70 mg/L).Ai?? is a very low diacetyl producer.Ai?? Alcohol tolerant to 14%.Ai?? Bl01 has a neutral sensory profile.

Reflex Malo 360Ai??- is an Oenococcus oeni bacterium selected to carry out MLF of red and white wines in limiting conditions ( low pH, high alcohol content, difficult grape varieties etc. suitable for co-inoculation and for post fermentation inoculation.

Vitilactic F
suitable for bothAi??red and white wines; particularly Pinot Noir, Chardonnay andAi??Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is particularly recommended for malolactic fermentation in wines under relatively challenging conditions (pH values down to 3.2 and temperature down to 16Ai??C).Ai?? It’s low VA production and it’s strong and rapid implementation at recommended application rates also contribute to smooth fermentations. Vitilactic F will limit colour loss, reduce vegetal-herbaceous aromas benefiting varietal and fruity aromas.Ai?? It also increases roundness and softening of tannins thanks to it’s superior polysaccharide production. A nutrient for malolactic fermentation which works particularly well with Vitilactic F is Malovit.Ai?? Please see our Nutrients page for details.

Vitilactic H+
– suitable for both white and rosAi?? wines, best used to support the tannin structure and fruit aromas of wine.

Vitilactic H is a ‘one step’ version of H3.Ai?? The kit contains the H+ bacteria (strain 49A1) Oenococcus oeni plus an H+ activator specific to H+ lactic bacteria in order to carry out the short reacclimatisation phase prior to inoculation. Vitilactic H+ will work from 12Ai??C, optimum 16Ai??C and pH2.9.Ai?? It is also a low producer of VA and biogenic amines which helps contribute to the quality of the wine.Ai?? SO2 of wine must be less than 60ppm.Ai?? Alcohol tolerance to 14.5% vol.

Compatibility of Yeast – MLF

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