MLF Bacteria



BL 01A� – is the most tolerant MLF in the Martin Vialate range to low pH (2.9) and Total SO2 (70 mg/L).A� is a very low diacetyl producer.A� Alcohol tolerant to 14%.A� Bl01 has a neutral sensory profile.

Reflex Malo 360A�- is an Oenococcus oeni bacterium selected to carry out MLF of red and white wines in limiting conditions ( low pH, high alcohol content, difficult grape varieties etc. suitable for co-inoculation and for post fermentation inoculation.

Vitilactic F
suitable for bothA�red and white wines; particularly Pinot Noir, Chardonnay andA�Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is particularly recommended for malolactic fermentation in wines under relatively challenging conditions (pH values down to 3.2 and temperature down to 16A�C).A� It’s low VA production and it’s strong and rapid implementation at recommended application rates also contribute to smooth fermentations. Vitilactic F will limit colour loss, reduce vegetal-herbaceous aromas benefiting varietal and fruity aromas.A� It also increases roundness and softening of tannins thanks to it’s superior polysaccharide production. A nutrient for malolactic fermentation which works particularly well with Vitilactic F is Malovit.A� Please see our Nutrients page for details.

Vitilactic H+
– suitable for both white and rosA� wines, best used to support the tannin structure and fruit aromas of wine.

Vitilactic H is a ‘one step’ version of H3.A� The kit contains the H+ bacteria (strain 49A1) Oenococcus oeni plus an H+ activator specific to H+ lactic bacteria in order to carry out the short reacclimatisation phase prior to inoculation. Vitilactic H+ will work from 12A�C, optimum 16A�C and pH2.9.A� It is also a low producer of VA and biogenic amines which helps contribute to the quality of the wine.A� SO2 of wine must be less than 60ppm.A� Alcohol tolerance to 14.5% vol.

Compatibility of Yeast – MLF

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