Cork Block Artwork Guidelines

Corks can either be printed (sides only) or fire branded (sides and ends).A� Artwork guidelines for both are below.

All artwork supplied to Esvin must include block art to scale.A� End block artwork at 100% and 200%.A� Please indicate keylines.

Important Design Notes for corks:

Printing Block – the maximum print area on corks with length 44mm or 49mm is 38mm x 72mm (or if wanting print around entire cork circumference 38mm x 74mm).
Branding Block – the maximum print area for branded blocks is up to 1.5mm from either end of the cork. Ie cork length 44mm = 41mm x 74mm
Branding Ends – the design must not extend beyond 21mm for 44mm corks.A� The minimum artwork line thickness is 0.5mm.

Positioning of Design

Printing & Branding Blocks – a design can be positioned to print either vertically on the cork, or to wrap around.A� If a design is to be repeated on opposite sides of the cork, place the centres of the design apart by 37mm (on a 24mm cork).A� If the design is to be printed in opposing directions, simply position one of the logos upside down.
Branding Block – to avoid scorching of the cork surface when branding, artwork needs to run in a continuous flow around the entire circumference of the cork.A� If the design does not already provide a continuous flow, the entire design must be framed with a border between 0.5mm and 1.0mm thick.
Branding Ends – It is not recommended that artwork is designed with a key-line ring included as part of the printed design.A� Even with a variation as slight as 0.5mm from centre, a ring will exaggerate any eccentric effect.A� Without a ring around the design it is almost impossible to judge if a design is very slightly off centre.A� However, please show keylines on supplied artwork to ensure correct positioning of design.

Quality Assurance Mark – Please note that all of Esvin’s printing blocks will have a quality assurance mark discretely positioned on them for supplier identification purposes.A� Plain corks will also carry this Esvin supplier mark.A� Size of mark is 5mm on printed corks, and 7.5mm on plain corks.

Supplying Artwork
Artwork is preferred as either a PDF or JPG file.A� Please send all artwork to Esvin via email -A� or

Lead Time
Upon receipt of artwork there is a 5-8 day lead time required to make a new block and/or end tools.

Lead-time to delivery of corks, from the time tooling is available, is approximately 10 working days (depending on delivery location).A� This allows for comprehensive cork processing and analysis to be undertaken; including de-dusting, printing (if requested), wax surface treatment and silicone coating application.

The corks are bagged, SO2 gas dosed and heat sealed, put on hold for 24 hours, and then a random sample is taken for testing.A� Once all this is completed satisfactorily, the corks are despatched to your winery.


Please contact us for further information on 0800 551 552