Traditionally used for protein fining and stabilisation in white wines, and colour stability in reds, tannins also have useful antioxidant properties and can enhance structure, roundness and mouthfeel.  The sensory impact and differences depend on the type of tannin utilised, the timing of application and the rate of addition.

Martin Vialatte and Oenofrance  have developed a range of specialised tannin products to help winemakers enhance specific sensory and gustatory elements in their wines.

Tanixel – Ellagic tannin that protects the colour in red wine (particularly OD 520) thanks to its ability to form co-pigmentation bonds thus creating more intense red wines.  Tanixel is one of the most reactive tannins with proteins.  Thus it is ideal for fining (especially with gelatine) and it has efficient action against the natural oxidases of the grape which are proteins ( the tyrosinase and laccase secreted by Botrytis cinerea)

Amplitan Tirage– Blend of tannins, inactivated yeast and yeast hulls.  Helps bottle fining and promotes structure and roundness.  Improves wine foamability.

Sublicharm– complex of tannins essentially proanthocyanindin specifically developed for sparkling wine produced using the Charmat method.  Increases anti-oxident properties of wine.  Increases volume and body and removes reduced aromas.  Highlights fruity or floral characters and increases roundness in wine.

Charm Redox – Complex of proanthocyanidin and gallotannins for the production of sparking wines produced by the Charmat method.  Increases anti oxident potential of wine, removes polyphenol oxidases in wine and prevents reduced characters from developing in wine

Clar T Special Tirage– Combination of chestnut and gallnut tannins for tirage.  Induces a light fining at the beginning or “prise de mousse”, prevents reductive characters and reinforces the wine structure

Subliprotect– complex of condensed and hydrolysable tannins and active dry yeasts specifically developed to protect the aromas and oxido-reduction potential of red wine.

Sublitan Vinif– combination of tannins specifically developed for the clarification and stabilisation of red wines.  Stabilises colour, has anti oxident properties.  Protects against reductive characters and improves taste and balance in the mouth.

Vitanil B – is a Tara tannin perfectly adapted to fining white wine.  On must Vitanil B helps to settle and clarify by reacting with excess protein.  It eliminate natural grape oxidases (tyrosinase and laccase secreted by Botrytis).  Vitanil B also protects must from oxidation.  Ideal for fining on only slightly hydrolysed gelatine  Tara tannins are one of the most effective tannins for protecting against oxidation.

Tanigal – is a gall nut tannin and is very effective in reducing laccase activity; – hence it is an extremely effective treatment for use on Botrytis affected grapes. Tanigal is also used for white wine fining with gelatine and helps to clarify musts and wine.

Vitanil VR– is a condensed tannin ( proanthacyanadin type) and is very effective in preserving colour in wine. It also helps to stabilise and clarify wine.

Vitanil AJ11 – a condensed tannin (polyanthocyanadine), close to the structure of grape tannin
Vitanil AJ11 acts complimentarily with natural grape tannins during fermentation to promote colour stability in finished wines.
This tannin should be a pre-requisite for Pinot Noir and Merlot producers looking for stable colour preservation in finished wine.  However, any red wine producer should consider using AJ11 as a standard addition in order to optimise wine colour, as once colour is lost it is not recoverable.

Oenotan Selection – a premium quality oak tannin extracted from Limousine and Tronçais oak
Oenotan Selection’s freeze-dried crystalline compostion gives unmatched solubility for very rapid dispersion.  Oenotan belongs to the Ellagic group of tannins that are hydrolysable.  In white wines it reinforces the anti-oxidant action of SO2, whilst in red it preserves colour and protects the wine from reductive characteristics than can often be associated with ageing.  It also supports roundness, structure and mouthfeel.

Tanipepin – pure grape seed tannin
Tanipepin’s improved mouthfeel qualities are a result of extraction and refinement of the grape seed phenolics.  It is a proanthocyanidine-type tannin, specifically intended for red winemaking.
Tanipepin promotes superior colour stability and contributes to wine balance, by providing increased tannin structure, while providing protection from oxidation.

Taniraisin – extracted from freshly pressed Chardonnay skins
This premium quality tannin performs all the essential functions of a natural grape tannin.  In premium red wines, Taniraisin is used to enhance colour stability, lift bouquet and to aid with clarification after malolactic fermentation, whilst in white wines it can lift and enhance the wine’s natural aromas and protect against oxidation.

Sublired – Complex of gallic and condensed tannins specifically developed to protect and reinforce the aromatic potential as well as confer a soft tannin structure to red wines. The condensed and gallic tannins contained in Sublired have been specifically selected to protect the aromas of red wines. Sublired allows for a maximum oxido-reduction potential that
does not lead to the production of reduced aromas which overpower the fruity and fresh aromas of the wines, and does not produce wines with tired, heavy and reduced aromas.

Subliwhite – grape tannin
Subliwhite has been specifically developed to enhance stabilisation, colour, balance and aroma in white wines.  It conserves the yellow-green component of the colour and enables optimised clarification of white wine after alcoholic fermentation.  Subliwhite also improves the mid palate and is ideally suited to lifting the overall quality of average grade Sauvignon Blanc.

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