Below you will find guidelines to help you when ordering Vicard Cuves

• The production lead times need to be adhered to as closely as possible
• Non-standard accessories or requirements will take extra time to source and freight to the Cooperage
• Last minute orders or changes can lead to delayed production, which results in delayed shipping and possible loss of container bookings
• Last minute orders or changes can also create increased pressure for the Cooper and possible errors in production

When Ordering a Cuve
• Choose your doors and hatches from the photos provided at the time of your initial query
• Volume and shape can be selected outside the standard formats offered
• Vicard will fit the shape to the volume as closely as possible
• All front doors are to be bolted right through the Cuve, with stainless steel backplates for each one, to ensure water tightness and allow removal of the door if necessary
• Door chutes are not standard on most front doors but may be custom made by our stainless steel supplier in Italy

Recent Changes
• All galvanised hoops will now arrive unpainted, to avoid damage during loading and unloading from the container.  Paint can be ordered to arrive with the Cuve
• All racking, drainage and sample valves can be supplied by Esvin.  There will be additional charges for the installation of accessories on site

• It is not unreasonable for the unpacking and installation of your Cuves to take up to a week from their arrival at Port to the filling of the Cuve
• Time must be allowed to install the stainless steel accessories
• Time must also be allowed for the Cuve to be filled with water to re-hydrate the staves

Things You May Not Know
• The extra long staves necessary for a Cuve are difficult to source because of the tree’s natural tendency for twists and knots
• It takes weeks of organisation and fitting to find the correct wood and match it to the size requested by each customer
• Vicard also make traditional oval and round vessels

Cuve Ordering Checklist
• Cuve volume
• Cuve shape
• Wood choice – French or European
• Racking valve assembly and position
• Drainage valve assembly and position
• Sample tap and position
• Door shape and style
• Door dimensions and position
• Door chute (Bib)
• Heat exchange system and position
• Filtration grid
• Wooden top
• Stainless steel top
• Stainless steel hatch
• Hatch fermentation turret
• Interior toast level
• Oak base beams
• Varnish or oil finish
• Access into Winery

Cuve accessory information and pricing are available from Esvin at the time of ordering

Please contact Stephen Forrest for more information on +64 9 570 5900