Oak & Oak Alternatives



We have a new range of products (Similioak) Ai??from Martin Vialatte designed to replicated the impact of oak. BUT Ai??the dosage rate is one tenth the quantity of standard oak chips, there is negligible wine loss when compared to using oak chips Ai??AND the price work out to be more cost effective.


Similioak-Ai??a unique blend that develops a sensation of sweetness and aromatic complexity in red wines. Ai??Similioak decreases the sensation of harshness, bitterness and the dry sensation inAi??


Similioak WhiteAi??- a unique blend that develops roundness in the mount and a sensation of aromatic freshness in white and rose wines


Similioak ToastedAi??- a unique blend that develops roasted and spicy notes in wine



For other oak alternative products we have a full range of chips , staves and barrel insertsAi??available from Martin Vialatte;- the leading European supplier of Oenological products


For oak barrels we representAi??one of the most technologically innovative and quality drivenAi??barrel manufacturers in the worldAi??;-Tonnellerie Vicard

They select theAi??majority of oak from the forests of Centre France, Allier and North-East France



We have stock barrels available in Auckland and Blenheim

Please contact us for a current stock list on 0800 551 552