Oak & Oak Alternatives



We have a new range of products (Similioak) A�from Martin Vialatte designed to replicated the impact of oak. BUT A�the dosage rate is one tenth the quantity of standard oak chips, there is negligible wine loss when compared to using oak chips A�AND the price work out to be more cost effective.


Similioak-A�a unique blend that develops a sensation of sweetness and aromatic complexity in red wines. A�Similioak decreases the sensation of harshness, bitterness and the dry sensation inA�


Similioak WhiteA�- a unique blend that develops roundness in the mount and a sensation of aromatic freshness in white and rose wines


Similioak ToastedA�- a unique blend that develops roasted and spicy notes in wine



For other oak alternative products we have a full range of chips , staves and barrel insertsA�available from Martin Vialatte;- the leading European supplier of Oenological products


For oak barrels we representA�one of the most technologically innovative and quality drivenA�barrel manufacturers in the worldA�;-Tonnellerie Vicard

They select theA�majority of oak from the forests of Centre France, Allier and North-East France



We have stock barrels available in Auckland and Blenheim

Please contact us for a current stock list on 0800 551 552