To encourage a thorough and clean ferment, and to avoid the occurence of sulphur like odours (SLO), we highly recommend using these nutrient products in conjunction with our yeast products.

Managing yeast nutrition is a key element to making quality wines and to modern winemaking.  A good balance of yeast accessible vitamins and minerals is necessary for good yeast growth and a solid fermentation. This year we have some new additions to the range (highlighted in red)

Nutricell Complex nutrient including thiamine, mineral nitrogen  and inactive yeasts to assist with AF

Nutricell Initial– is an organic nutrient formulated for the controlled management of AF and the limitation of organoleptic altering of wine in the presence of limiting factors contains thiamine and yeast autosylates

Nutricell Start Complex nutrient without sulphates including thiamine, mineral nitrogen.  Added at start of AF

Nuticell Midferm– Complex nutrient for the smooth completion of alcoholic fermentation in the case of nitrogen deficiency

Nutricell AA nutrient made up exclusively of yeast derivatives rich in amino acids.  promotes production of superior  esters and alcohol acetates and reveals thiols during AF.

Nutricell Fullarom – is composed of yeast autosylates, selected inactivated yeasts and thiamine.  In additiotion to ensuring smooth AF,  Nutricell Fullarom provides aromatic precursors, leading to the formation of higher alcohol acetates with pleasant fruity floral notes.  This in turn intensifies the aromatic potential of relatively neutral grape varieties as well as that of diluted grapes.

Nutricell Finish – is composed of yeast autosylates and hulls. This product is recommended for application during AF to prevent stuck fermentation.  It detoxifies the medium and releases organic nitrogen in the form of amino acids to reactivate fermentation. 

Pre Ferm Pre Ferm supplies the yeast with micro protectants (sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids) as well as vitamins and minerals.  It has been established as an essential nutrient to avoid difficult ferments – and can also be used to aid the restart of a stuck ferment.

Actiferm Organic – Actiferm Organic is an alcoholic fermentation activator made of specific inactivated yeasts which are rich in nutrients.  This formula contributes all nutrients essential to yeasts; assimilable nitrogen (through amino acids, inactivated yeasts), vitamins and oligo-elements, survival factors such as lipids.  Actiferm Organic releases nutrients regularly during the AF, thus preventing temperature peaks and irregular fermentation, which are responsible for the difficult end of AF.  It promotes AF as efficiently as DAP.  However its tailored utilisation of organic nitrogen gives wines with a better organoleptic profile.


Malolactic Fermentation Nutrient

Nutricell FML – Nutricell FML is a nutrient for malolactic fermentation which improves the viability of the bacteria, improves multiplication and reduces time taken to complete fermentation.  Nutricell FML helps to prevent formation of VA.

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