We have a large range of yeast strains available from Sofralab, Oenofrance, Martin Vialatte,  and Begerow GmbH, to provide a fermentation solution for every grape variety and every condition.  New products are highlighted in red

Range Wine Type Properties
Levuline BRG YSEO Increases varietal aroma
Levure l’Elegante For the elaboration of high quality white wines with elegant aromas and aging potential
La Persane For aromatic white and rose wines with elegant fruity and floral nuances
Levuline ALS Reveals aromatic thiols and releases terpenes
Levuline Synergie Releases terpene derived aromas
Selectys Thiol

Is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae selected using an innovative genetic identification program. The aim of the program was to verify that this strain does carry the nucleotide sequence (+ 38 bases) on
the IRC7 gene coding for the protein connected to thiol expression (β-lyase activity).
This strain has the ability to bring out aromatic notes of:
♦ 4-Mercapto-4-Methylpentan-2-one (4MMP): boxwood, broom, blackcurrant bud, tomato leaf
♦3-Mercapto-1-Hexanol (3MH): passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit
♦ 3-Mercapto-Hexyle acetate (A3MH): exotic fruits, guava, citrus zest
La Marquise   Used for making fine or elegant sparkling wines under difficult conditions
L’Authentique Selected in the Cote de Nuits for elaboration of authentic red wines that highlight the expression of prestigious terroirs that have excellent aging potential
Martin Vialatte / Sofralab
Vialatte ferm W28 Enhances thiol precursors for white and rose wines ( particularly passion fruit).  Ideal for wines rich in aromatic precursors such as Suavignon Blanc.
Vialatte ferm W12 Optimising aromatic finesse and full rounded flavour suited to lees ageing
Vialatte ferm R71 For producing intense red and rose wines.  Enhances small red berry, strawberry and currant notes
Vialatte ferm R82 For producing wine from high maturity grapes  and making medium to long aging red wines with a ripe fruit profile (red or dark berries)
Vialatte ferm R96 Making complex red wines with Fruit and spicy profile with great aromatic freshness
Vialatte ferm R100 Selected for the production of smooth fruity wines intended for short to average maturation. Can be used for the production of intense fruity very fat wines thanks to its high production of glycerol
Vitilevure DV10 Enhances the characters of the grape varietal.  Can be used successfully for stuck ferments
Vitilevure Sauvignon Enhances unique aromas characteristic of the Sauvignon Blanc variety
Vitilevure Chardonnay Enhances Chardonnay wines with aromatic complexity and delicacy
SP Organic Suitable for the elaboration of any organic wines including white red and sparkling wine
Levure So.Delight Selected by Sofralab for its ability to produce fresh and aromatic white and Rose wines
Vitilevure 58W3 YSEO For aromatic white wine elaboration, especially Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris
Vitilevure Quartz Increases varietal aroma of wine varieties.  Can also be used for stuck ferments
Vitilevure MVO 3001 Contributes to extraction of soft tannins, intense mouth-feel and preserving freshness and fruitiness of wine
Vitilevure MT For wines destined to be aged, especially the Bordeaux varieties
Vitilevure Syrah YSEO Increases varietal aroma of red wine varieties.  Recommended for Syrah and Malbec
Vitilevure CSM YSEO Helps reduce vegetal aromas Recommended for Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot
Vitilevure M83 Produces round and balanced wines with fruity, aromatic expression
Levure SP1 Enhances the aromatic complexity of fruity wines and produces a delicate mouth-feel
Levure SP39 Combination of yeast developed by Sofralab for their fermentation potential and ability to produce fresh floral aromas.  SP39 is recommended for production of sparkling wines using the Charmat (closed tank method).
Levure SP7 Yeast for the eloboration of high quality sparking wine
Vitilevure Elixir Suited to white and rosé wines where improvement in the perception of floral and fruity aromas is desired
Vitilevure Tonic YSEO Selected for Sauvignon Blanc for its high ability to reveal Thiols
Begerow GmbH
Siha 3 For elegant fruity white wines. Most suitable for Müller Thurgau, Gerwürztraminer and other floral varieties
Siha 7 Ideally used for Riesling and other German varieties.  Good results also in Sauvignon Blanc
Siha 8 Ferments rapidly to completion even under unfavourable conditions.  Suitable for producing red wines with stable colour such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet
Siha Cryarome Yeast suitable for cold fermenting.  Will tolerate temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius.  Releases aromatic compounds and enhances complexity and aromatic intensity in white and red wines

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