Enzymes & Yeast Derivatives


Viazym Thermo- is a liquid pectolytic preparation, obtained from Aspergillus niger, specifically developed for the treatment of red musts after thermovinification or rapid expansion. The absence of cinnamoyl esterase in viaazym thermo prevents the formation of volatile phenols.

Viazym clarif one is a liquid pectolytic enzyme used for the rapid clarification of white and rose musts.  This enzyme enables obtaining compact lees

Viazym Clarif Extremis a highly concentrated liquid enzyme for white and rose musts. It is also adapted to the “amylic” processes and obtains highly clarified musts.  Suitable for cold soaking with the development of varietal aromas.  Also has some cellulose activity.  Can be used for floatation.

Viazym Flot is a liquid enzyme preparation for must floatation rich in pectinases: polygalacturonase, pectin methyl esterase, pectin lyase for fast and efficient clarification.  The absence of cinnamoyl esterase in viazym flot prevent the formation of volatile phenols.

Viazym Aroma Improves wine quality enhances clarification of musts, and increases varietal aromas by increasing aromatic terpenes from naturally occurring precursors in the must.

Viazym extract – is adapted to skin maceration for white grape harvests for the extraction of aromas, full and full bodied aromas.  Can also be used for red winemaking maceration for extracting and stabilising colour, the structure and the aromas of the wine.

Viazym Flux is a liquid pectinase and beta-glucanse concentrated enzyme.  It breaks down pectins and glucans and helps static clarification and filterability of wine prior to bottling

Viazym Rouge –  micro granule formula, is a pectolytic enzyme suitable for the clarification of musts or red wine. The absence of cinnamoyl esterase in viazym flot prevent the formation of volatile phenols.

Depectil Elevage recommended for ß-Glucanase degradation in botrytised wines.  For wines aged on lees it will release yeast cell constituents for aroma and aroma pre-cursors for greater quality impact.  This enzyme also promotes mouthfeel and roundness by the extraction of yeast polysaccharides.

Viazym extract premium a pectinase preparation with a very wide spectrum of complementary activities.  The specific formula allows better extraction and good colour stabilisation.  It is ideally suited for use in high quality mature grapes such as Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet with high polyphenolic potential or needing rapid tannin extraction for quicker colour release where improved colour stability and mouthfeel is desired.



Openpure a yeast product derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae rich in purified mannoproteins .  Reduces the astringency of tannins and increases persistence and volume in the mouth.

Open pure Fraicheur Complex containing specific cell wall polysaccharides from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and plant polysaccharides.  Provides roundness and helps to increase the wine’s aromatic freshness.  With young wines can be used to provide volume to the mouth while strengthening the aromatic potential and varietal character.

Amplisweet a yeast derivative.  Developed for the liberation of polysaccharides, Amplisweet gives more roundness and mouthfeel to both red and white wine


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