New Vintage Products

This year Esvin have introduced a range of new vintage products.  These include:

Fining agents

  • Origin SH– Next generation fining agent  which acts on the heavy metals present in musts and releases reducing compounds, thus limiting thiol breakdown.
  • Origin Fmax– Specific formulation for preventive and curative treatment of white and rosé musts and wines with regard to oxidation. More effective at removing polyphenols than PVPP.


  • Origin Captur– binds heavy metals, especially iron and copper, which can cause casse in bottled wines. Origin Captur thus effectively replaces traditional methods for removing
    iron and copper that use potassium ferrocyanide or calcium phytate.


  • KTS Flot– non animal based fining agent with very fast kinetic compared to Gelatine ( up to 6 x faster than pork gelatine in most trials) forms compact cap and has very good organoleptic properties compared to most other fining products used for flotation



  • Siha Cryarome– Aromatic strain with excellent cold fermentation properties.  Ferments up to 15 degrees Celsius.  Enhances elegance and aromatic complexity especially in sweet wines.  Can be used for whites or reds.  Alcohol tolerant to 16%.



  • Nutricell FML– Malolactic nutrient which reduces the lag phase between inoculation and start of fermentation.  Limits production of VA or aromatic deviations


Yeast derived products

  • Neo2XC –  Yeast product selected for its high content in polysaccharides and reducing components. This combination makes it easier to manage redox mechanisms by allowing faster incorporation of wood alternatives during aging.  Promotes micro-oxygenation processes while minimising the risk of oxidation.



  • Viazym Thermo– is a liquid pectolytic preparation, obtained from Aspergillus niger, specifically developed for the treatment of red musts after thermovinification or rapid expansion.
    The absence of cinnamoyl esterase in Viazymw thermo prevents the formation of volatile phenols.



  • Sublired – complex of gallic and condensed tannins specifically developed to protect and reinforce the aromatic potential as well as confer a soft tannin structure to red wines.
  • Sublioak – Combination of high-end oak tannins to highlight the roundness and the expression of wines.


Oak chip options

  • Viaoak -we have new range of premium specially selected oak chips and staves available designed to give a very specific impact