New Vintage Products

This year Esvin have introduced a range of new vintage products.  These include:



  • R96 – New strain for red wine selected to enhance red dark berry notes going towards spicy and balsamic notes ( pepper eucalyptus, liquorice etc)


  • R71 – New strain for red and rose wine selected to enhance small red berry, strawberry, red currant characteristics


  • W12 – Expressive strain white red and rosé wines selected for its aromatic finesse.  Well suited to aging in tanks of barrels with stirring of lees


  • R100- Red wine yeast selection for making round and fruity wines to be aged for the short to medium ter.  Good fermenter with low VA.  Glycerol producer


  • SO Delight – Yeast selection for white and rosé wines.  This yeast is ideally suited to enhancing aromatic profile of wines with a fresh and fruity style.



  • Reflex Malo 360 is a polyvalent MLF that can tolerate a pH >3.2 and SO2 to 50 ppm style.



  • Nutricell Finish – Nutrient forms from yeast autolysates and hulls. For addition during AF to prevent stuf ferments.



  • Polypress AF – a complex of protein, mineral and charcoal agents.  Used to reduce premature oxidation of musts and reduce astringency.  Treated must has a lower hue index with less yellow


  • Optibent – New Calcium bentonite blend which has shown outstanding results in terms of both lowering addition rate required to reach protein stability and ability to form very compact lees.