Fining, Stabilising & Treatment




Origin SH next generation fining agent that limits the risk of thiol breakdown. Acts on heavy metals in musts and releases reducing compounds that limit the breakdown of thiols.  It also brings about selective reactions with polyphenols precipitating them out before they oxidise and form oxidasic casse.

Origin FmaxSpecific formulation for preventative and curative treatment of white and rose musts and wines with regard to oxidation. Precipitates quinones, thus avoiding oxidasic casse and the possible loss of aromatic precursors. Reduces yellow and red colour. Decreases astringency and removes bitterness. Selectively adsorbs oxidisable phenols. Removes heavy metals, especially copper, that catalyse oxidation reactions. Used for treatment of wines exhibiting oxidative change.

KTS Flot non animal allergen free based fining additive used in flotation that allows rapid flocculation and good phase separation, even in the presence of a high concentration of solid matter. Until now, only gelatin combined with silica gel and/or bentonite allowed this level of clarification.  Can be used equally well for flotation of white, rosé and red musts resulting from thermo vinification. Allows rapid, thorough clarification ( up to 6 x faster than pork gelatine based on most trials),  optimisation of the NTU/time ratio. Settling of the cap of must deposits to facilitate racking and economise must.  Protects against oxidation and controls colour ;- decreasing OD420 (yellow colour) and OD320 (quinones). Improves taste:;-musts are described as being fruity, fresh and delicate.

Phylia EPLis an award winning non allergenic yeast protein derivative used for fining wine while removing bitterness while respecting the volume and structure of the wine.  Intended primarily for long ageing potential wines which have been aged several months in barrels or vats.  Can be used as an alternative to albumen fining.

Provgreen Pure Must is made up of 100% plant proteins.  This product enables quick flocculation, clarification and treatment against oxidised polyphenols.

Provgreen Flot induces fast flocculation and eliminates oxidised or oxidisable phenolic compounds in must, promotes rapid formation of compact deposits at the top of the tank and has a very positive impact on the aromatic expression of musts and finished wine.

Provgreen Pure Wine quickly flocculates particles suspended in wine enabling optimum clarification, improves organoleptic qualities of wine while eliminating aggressive and bitter tannins. Provgreen pure wine improves aromatic expression and enhances fruit notes.  Produces well compacted deposits which is better than with basic animal fining treatment.

Polypresse AFis a complex of protein, mineral and charcoal fining agents.  It can be applied to white and rose musts that have undergone rough mechanical treatment during the pre fermentation phases.  It combats premature oxidation of musts and reduces astringency.  Enhances perception of fruity expression and removes heavy oxidised character in the mouth.  The treated must has a lower hue index and less yellow.  Reduces the volume of lees and thus limits loss of must.

Polygreen a casein free alternative treatment against oxidation.  It is a mixture of bentonite, PVPP, cellulose and vegetable protein.  Polygreen will restore the freshness and fruitiness to the wine.  It is best used on musts of medium to low quality to remove herbaceous characters and bitterness.



Optibent Highly efficient activated Calcium bentonite complex for clarifying must of wine.  Very low dosage rate required when compared to most other bentonites and also forms very compact lees. Can be used with cross flow filters

Granula –Highly efficient activated Calcium bentonite. Strong swelling capacitymaking it very efficient with regard to unstable proteins granulated form.

Siha Puranit UFa sand-free bentonite for clarification and stabilisation of fruit juices,  it is specifically developed for ultrafiltration systems.

Adjuvant 92  – a bentonite-alginate which contains alginic and mineral colloids.  Adjuvant was developed for ultra-rapid riddling rather than hand riddling.  Once injected in the wine it flocculates and collects all the cloudy particles.  Yeasts are then rapidly trapped in the flakes.

Adjuvant MC – a blend of pharmaceutical grade bentonites.  Coats glass without adhering to it.  Ideally suited to both hand and automated Gyropallete type riddlers



Origin Capture – specific fining agent to remove copper, iron and other heavy metals from wine.  Prevents casse formation in bottled wine and effectively replaces traditional methods that use potassium ferrocyanide or calcium phylate to remove copper or iron.

Neo Crispy – yeast derived product rich in amino acids and reductive peptides.  Used for making aromatic white and rose wines used early in the winemaking process Neo crispy is remarkably effective in protecting the aromatic and colour compounds of wine.  It also reinforces the natural resistance of musts from oxidation.

Neo Sweet – yeast derived product rich in parietal polysaccharides used for making light or concentrated red wined.  Due to its strong reactivity with polyphenols Neo Sweet substantially reduces the perception of astringency and develops sensations of roundness

Charm Age – Complex of yeast products rich in polysaccharide and antioxident compounds to optimise the ageing process using the Charmat method.  Protects aromatic compounds, prolongs the onset of (early) aging and enhances the volume of the wine.

Charm Elevage –complex of yeast products rich in wall cell polysaccharides for the production of wine using the Charmat method. Confers volume and body, smooths harsh and dry characters, highlights aromatic profile of wine and mirror the effect on on lees aging

KTS control is a preparation based on chitosan to control the development of microorganisms that cause organoleptic alteration in wine.  Completely soluble in water, it can be used on wine after AF or after MLF

KTS Clear is a preparation based on chitin-glucan ( chitosan derivative) developed for the clarification of wines and the elimination of unpleasant tastes such as strong reductions, animal and pharmaceutical notes etc.  Racking is necessary after settling in order to avoid release of adsorbed compound and fullness.  Neosweet is used at the beginning of the winemaking process or later on at the end of maturation

Isinglass Powder (Cristaline) a proteinic fining agent developed for fining white and rosé wines.  It contributes to the clearness and brightness of the wine as it removes the smallest particles in suspension.  Cristaline improves the filterability of the wine especially those made of grapes with botrytis disease.

Siha Optisil a casein free combination product, based on active silicates and isinglass for the reduction of undesirable phenols and bitter tastes in red, white and rosé wines.

Deltaspeed AF  an allergen free product made up of PVPP cellulose and vegetable protein used at the must stage to eliminate oxidisable and oxidised poly-phenols in musts and white and rosé wines.  Delta Speed reduces off flavours and oxidation.  It can also be used during fermentation.

PRZ-AF a combination of pork gelatine, vegetable protein and bentonite.  This is an allergen free product developed to remove the vegetal and astringent characteristics of young red wine.

Cristab GC a cellulose gum used to ensure tartaric stabilisation in effervescent and still white wines.  This product has been selected due to it’s effectiveness in stabilising potassium bi-tartrate and calcium bi-tartrate precipitations as well as it’s organoleptic neutrality.  Cristab GC should not be used in conjunction with Lysozyme as it will form a haze.

Gomixel – Selected Gum derived from Accacia Seyal. Recommended for colour stabilisation of white and rose wine.  Provides roundness and sweetness to wines improving aromatic perception.  Has no impact on filtration so can be added either before or after filtration depending on the winery process.

Duogom Max Arabic gum solution derived from Accacia Verek and Accacia Seyal .  Used for colloidal stabilisation and improvement of roundness for red and rose wines.  Used after final filtration

Filtrostabil P – highly soluble fine granules of arabic gum, Filtrostabil P provides collodial stability in wine.  It is especially good at ensuring the colour stability in red wine.  When used in conjunction with metatartaric acid V40, it reduces the formation of potassium bitatrate crystals when the wine is exposed to cold temperatures.  Filtrostabil P limits the risk of iron casse when the amount of iron is limited.

PVPP prevents the browning of white wines.  It also reduces bitterness and improves freshness and aroma in red wines.  PVPP is totally insoluble and leaves no residue in wines.

Metatartaric Acid V40 prevents the precipitation of tartars.  It acts as an inhibitor of the crystallisation of potassium bitartrate or calcium bitartrate.

Genesis Fresh a combination of inactivated yeast hulls rich in glutathione and food grade microcrystalline cellulose.  Genesis Fresh assists in preventing browning of white and rosé wines while maintaining the freshness of aromas, especially the volatile thiols that are most sensitive to oxidation.

Genesis Prime based on a selection of yeast hulls from a yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae which contains a high level of cell wall polysaccharides (mannoproteins and glycol-proteins).  The effects of Genesis Prime develop over time.  Thanks to it’s impact on the redox potential of wines, Genesis Prime strengthens their ageing potential by decreasing their sensitivity to oxidation or reduction.


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