Selecting and Storing Corks

To ensure best performance from corks, a few basic principles in choosing and handling wine corks should be observed:
• Choose the right cork for the bottle and style of wine
• Ensure corks are kept away from potential sources of contamination
• Observe guidelines for correct insertion and good post-bottling practices
• Maintain corking equipment in good working order and clean thoroughly

Selecting your Cork
Diameter – for straight wine corks the diameter of the cork should be 6mm larger than the average diameter of the bottleneck.
Length – it is not recommended to use corks longer than 45mm in length for sealing wine bottles unless the glass manufacturer or bottle supplier specifications meet the criteria for using corks longer than 45mm in length.  Using corks longer than 45mm in length may give rise to leaking bottles in certain circumstances.

Storing Corks
• Store within the winery in cool, dry, odour-free conditions under 25°C.
• Store corks away from areas where they might absorb odours and contaminants.  They should be stored well away from all chemicals.
• Where possible, a bag of corks should be used completely without delay.  Where this is not possible, reseal the bag as quickly as possible.

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